Recommendations for preserved flowers care

Handle with care.
Do not water.
Only for indoor use.
Do not expose to direct sunlight or dust.
No refrigeration needed.
Avoid high temperature and high humidity. Recommended temperature 18 – 22 °C or 64 – 72 °F, storage humidity 55% – 60%. Avoid exposure to humidity above 70%.
Occasional remove dust with a light air spray, air blower/dryer or alternatively with a soft cloth.
Do not place anything on top of your preserved flower composition as they are very delicate.
Flowers, foliage cannot be removed from the arrangement.
Please note that the preserved flower is not edible and can stain.
Darker colored flower placed next to lighter color flower may slightly stain it. This is not a defect or low quality.

Preserved flowers and foliage are made from fresh real flowers and foliage. Due to advanced technology, preserved flowers can last for months without watering and sunlight, they don’t contain pollen, doesn’t have scent as fresh rose does. Preserved flowers can be touched by pets and people. They do not represent a health hazard.

Preserved flowers can be fragile. Minor cracks on petals are inevitable. It’s normal and possible to have some flower petals fall off during handling process and storage.

Our products have excellent value because of their long lifetime. Our arrangements last for months and we have many happy customers, which hold our arrangements with preserved flowers for several years.

Because all our products are custom made for the customer, we are unable to accept returns, unless they arrived damaged or defective.

Please contact us via email. Please email us a photo, sketch or your ideas / wishes with as many details as possible.